True Wellness works with corporations that generally have 50 or more employees.  The goal is to enhance and empower personal and corporate health, while lowering healthcare costs through innovative, affordable wellness initiatives.

Keep Work and Life in Balance

Keeping work and life in balance.


If you are a leader of a business or organization that cares about your employees’ health and/or your health care expenses you should learn more about True Wellness.  There is more information below and the best way to learn more is to contact Joe Freeman – Co-Founder at:

Joe Freeman – email: Phone: 617-965-8400

Feel well at work

True Wellness uses alternative and integrative options,  that are low-cost, non-surgical, non-drug and proven effective. Companies can keep costs down AND keep your employees vital, healthy and happy. We offer innovative, integrative medicine programs on topics such as mind-body  pain management, stress, nutrition, and smoking cessation etc. True Wellness shifts healthcare focus from treating symptoms to preventing illness, by creating and nourishing employee responsibility and healthy lifestyle habits.

True Wellness provides simple wellness solutions.  These solutions are innovative integrative health and wellness initiatives that empower employees and positively impact company cultures towards achieving greater personal and corporate wellbeing.  Employer health care costs can be controlled and even reduced.

True Wellness focuses on maintaining and creating health in individuals and their families through professionally trained wellness coaches and educators. This innovative approach shifts healthcare focus from treating symptoms to preventing illness by creating and reinforcing employee responsibility and healthy lifestyle habits.

True Wellness offers a wide variety of individualized programs developed from decades of clinical experience that provide a unique holistic integrative approach. We blend the synergy of complementary alternatives with conventional therapies. Our key to successful implementation of True Wellness Programs is the teaching provided by our professionally trained wellness coaches and educators. From Mind-Body programs such as Stress Relief and Pain Relief to Organic Diet-Detox and Nutrition-for-Life, to Acupuncture, Smoking Cessation and Chiropractic Back-Care we offer innovative wellness solutions.

True Wellness initiatives encourage individuals to make educated wellness choices and helps them embrace these initiatives in an engaging collaborative environment that is self motivating and sustainable. By focusing on the underlying causes of illness with the goal of targeting prevention, True Wellness has developed programs that will keep employees healthy now and promote and reinforce healthy lifestyles for the future.

True Wellness recognizes that the wellness of its employees and their families affects every dimension of the growth and success of a company. Enhancing your company wellness will positively influence profitability and productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase presenteeism, lower disability and workers comp related incidents, revitalize company culture and create increased company loyalty. An investment in wellness is essential to the employee, family and corporate bottom line.

Contact Joe Freeman – Co-Founder at:

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