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How 3 dogs benefit from D’Arcy Naturals for Pets

Geoff,  I have 3 dogs, 2 english cockers (inherited) approximately 8 yrs old and a 1 yr old chocolate lab. The boys (the cockers) came with a series of issues, mostly having to do with skin, allergies, ears and thyroid. When we acquired them they were in terrible condition. After several EXPENSIVE treatments by the local vet,
with no improvement, I decided to take them off dog food and start them on a Raw Diet. I feed them raw meat composed of internal organs, fat, cartilage, blood and beef, fish and or chicken. I combine this with liquified raw fruits and vegetables, mostly scraps and overly ripe assorted leaf vegetables, broccoli, carrots, spinach, peppers, peas, flax seed, eggs, fruit, nuts, etc. Basically everything I would eat. This made an incredible difference in all 3 dogs. They had more energy, became leaner and experienced less symptoms especially those allergy related. I began adding barley powder to their food at each meal to assure mineral intake and noted improvement again. Shortly thereafter I began to note behaviors like grazing – eating large quantities of grass, poor bowel movements – hard and constipated, excessive dry skin and dull hair, and excessive hunger between feedings. I again modified their diet to include potatoes and brown rice and this appears to hold hunger better.

When I found your product I have begun feeding Green Power (?) – the combination of alfalfa, barley, spinach, carrot… I am using your measurement (heaped). It is a great timesaver and I feel that I am giving them what they need.

In addition, I have the dogs on your pet detox, your joint ease, and sea mussel. My lab tore her ACL and while researching alternatives to surgery I came across the site for Natural Canine with your products. We have elected to have the surgery for the well being of the dog but are delighted that your joint herbs and sea mussel will help her rehabilitate.

Thanks again for the great formulas.

Cat Thyroid problem controlled by D’Arcy Naturals for Pets regimen

Just a note of thanks for helping Otto to another level of wellness. This 18 year old, hyperthyroid cat continues to have his thyroid levels balance out with your combination of Clinical Hyper-Thyrin and Bugleweed.

We’re very grateful for your knowledgeable and compassionate attention!  Lynn, DVM

PS If you need specific thyroid level results for interested vets, let me know.

Dog responds to D’Arcy Naturals Hoxsey Boneset Formula

I am the caregiver of several four legged members of our extended family, two being Golden Retrievers. One of our boys, Jean Luc was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in early November, with a biopsy confirming the illness.  Our boy was expected to be with us no longer than 3 months, and at best his condition would require heavy sedation. (So said one of his doctors.) We are pleased to say that as of April 11, he is still in good health.  One of the main contributing factors to his present well being is the use of Hoxsey Boneset, J.B. Ontario.

D’Arcy Naturals for Pets works say Holistic Veterinarian

“D’Arcy Natural’s herbals have worked well in my practice, particularly the custom formulations of modified Si Wu Xiao Feng for skin problems.  In addition, the taste is well accepted by most pets when mixed with food, making administration easy for the pet owners.”  –KE, DVM, Holistic Veterinary Center

Vet praise for ‘Herbs for Pets’:

“D’Arcy Naturals Herbs are an excellent way to incorporate both Chinese and Western herbs into your dog’s or cat’s diets in a balanced way. They are formulated into very palatable powdered form and are effective for a wide variety of pet ailments.” –ML DVM, Highlands Veterinary Hospital

Vet says herbal medicine worked for cat heart problem 

Hi Geoff. I have prescribed (Cardio Support to 3  Maine Coon cats with cardiomyopathy (verified HCM) and after they have used it for a couple of months the cats were rescanned, and you couldn’t detect any signs of the HCM – the cats had not developed heart failure, but one had SAME (Systolic Anterior Motion )and all of them enlarged left atrium walls. I would like to know if you have similar experiences.  Best regards LH D.V.M

Hi Dr. LH, This sounds wonderful, does this mean the thickening that affects that individual heart muscle cells (myocytes)resolved with this formula? do they have any interferences with the proper pumping of blood out of the heart? you said “but one had SAME (what is this? and all of them enlarged left atrium walls”. What was the enlargement due to?

All the best, Geoff

Hi Geoff. As it is a bit dangerous to take biopsies from the heart, we just have the ultrasonographies from before and after (and it is the best cardiologist in Denmark, who did them). And there are no doubt that the three cats had HCM, and that means that the individual heart muscle cells have diminished during the treatment. SAME is Systolic Anterior Motion and means that the mitral valve is being pulled into the left ventricular outflow during systole and is caught by the bloodflow and pushed toward the interventricular septum, and then the valve isn’t closed and allows blood to flow backwards into the atrium. The theory is that because the papillary muscles are enlarged because of the HCM, the mitral valve is orientated in a wrong angle to the septum, and that causes it. The cat with SAME still has SAME but the backflow is greatly diminished.  We don’t know if it is just those three cats – they are related (father and sons), but if these results can be repeated in other cats, it looks like you can stop the progression or slow it down. I think you should ask other vets who have used Cardio-Support to see if they have experienced anything like it. Best regards, L H D.V.M.

Herbs from D’Arcy Naturals for Pets improves life for black lab

We have a black lab that was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the jaw and the only common option was to remove her jaw.  Of course we did not want to have to do that, and two years we discovered Hoxsey Boneset Formula from D’Arcy Naturals Herbs for Pets. We decided to give it a shot, and now our lab has been taking the powder with her food for oveer two years.  She has been living hapily far beyond her diagnosed life expectancy. As long as we do not have to demast her tumor more than 2 or 3 months , she can live happily. Her cancer continues to remain localized and she has an enourmous amount of energy!  We are confident that with its continued use she will live a longer, happy life. It goes without saying we feel such gratitude to the Hoxsey Boneset Formula which has given us the last two years, and the continued time we have with our lab. This is an option we knew nothing about and our Veterinarian presented only conventionl options that did not work well. Doreen     Katy, TX.

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