NaturalPetRx enables those who appreciate the power of herbal medicines to help care for their pets.  D’Arcy NaturalPetRx medicines are formulated specifically for dogs, cats and other pets.

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Easy to use.–easy to understand herbal supplements for pets. NaturalPetRx has a 15 year history providing veterinarians and the general public with 100% natural and vegetarian medicinal herbs for pet wellness and chronic conditions..Simplicity. Authenticity.


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Herbal Medicines Work for Pets

Keeping your pet healthy using nutrition, integrative medicine and herbal medicine is easy to do and provides a safe, cost effective way to keep your pet healthy. Your companion animal is a part of your family and a part of your own personal wellness.

Simple Steps for the Wellness of Your Pet

Get a sense of how and when herbal supplements and dietary supplements are appropriate for you and your pet. View the videos by veterinarian, Margo Roman, one of the first pioneers of integrative veterinary medicine in the USA. Margo has used nutrition and integrative medicine in her practice for over 30 years.

Help keep your pet out of the Vet’s Office. Pet Wellness can help your Pet and Vet!

Herbal medicine provides a great option for keeping your pet’s wellness. See the tools available to learn about this great resource.

The World Herb Veterinary Handbook: This comprehensive how-to guide book, helps you understand how to use herbal supplements to keep your companion animal in optimum wellness. provides a great source of information regarding natural pet care. Please view the informational webinars from internationally known veterinarians and learn about herbal supplements for over 60 health problems.

Immuno-Therapy with Herbal Medicine for your Pet. Learn how herbal medicine can positively impact the immune health of your pets. Renowned veterinarian, Nancy Scanlon, goes over information and dietary supplements what can help your pet’s immune system.


Lyme Disease: How to Protect and Support your Pet

Cancer Prevention and Detoxification
Prevent Chronic Illness in Pets, that cause chronic conditions such as: skin/ear allergies, digestive upsets, thyroid/adrenal/pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds.

Nutrition for Pets. Learn how to prevent disease. An interview with Dr. Susan Wynn the leading pet nutrition veterinarian in the U.S. will guide you to the optimal diet and herbal supplements for your animal.

How to boost Immunity with Maqui Select: Stabilize blood sugar and calm inflammation. Learn about the amazing research from the scientists who did the research in Chile. Understand how this amazing extract from the Maqui berry with the highest antioxidant ORAC values in the world can positively benefit the health of your pet.

Cancer Prevention and Support in Pets. Dr. Joe Demers is one of the most respected cancer veterinarians using integrative medicine to treat and prevent cancer, which is presently the number one killer of our companion animals. Go through the slide show listen to the Webinar and learn how to extend your pet’s life.

Integrative Medicine for Pets

Dr. Margo Roman, a pioneer Integrative Veterinarian Medicine discusses over 30 years of experience getting results using gentle non-drug and non invasive medicine to treat every kind of disease. Integrative medicine such as: acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition are introduced and explained in the video to the right.

Other Articles of Interest:
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