Anti-oxidant Superfruit “King of the Blueberries”

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Superfruit - Anti-oxidant

The maqui berry has the highest anti-oxidant levels of any fruit.

Superfruit Antioxidant Benefits:

The maqui berry

The maqui berry, found in southern Chile, is one of the “superfruits” in the family of blueberries, açai berries, cranberries, goji berries and pomegranate.  They are “superfruits” because of their great nutritional value and high levels of antioxidants which are beneficial to human health.

D’Arcy Naturals special blend Delphinol extract

While the “superfruits” listed are powerful herbal healing, Delphinol formerly known as “Maqui Select” is much more than dried fruits or berries.  Research into Maqui berries have produced remarkable results. Collaboration with one of the largest herb manufacturers in the World, Indena of Italy has produced the Maqui Select® extract. This extract has a patent pending and a remarkable 2.7 million ORAC antioxidant value and the highest levels of delphininin currently known. Compare that to the raw berry values in the chart to the right.

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