Diet Detox Program

Everyone is aware that there are a lot harmful elements we contact in our daily lives.  Chemicals such as pesticides may be on our food, preservatives that are “FDA approved” but still not the best for us.  Many of us have been taught all our lives by well meaning care givers to eat in an unhealthy manner.  Indeed most of us are unaware of what foods that are popular in other cultures can do to make us healthier in body, mind and spirit.

This is why we developed the diet detox program.  We help you with one on one counseling. The Diet-Detox Program will help you get a fresh start.


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It not only will help you detoxify and cleanse your body, it will also help you understand the profound connection between what you eat and how you feel.  In almost every case it will help you lose or gain weight as you personally need.

Topics covered:

  • Why detoxify?
  • Food energetics.
  • Acid/Alkaline.
  • Why organic?
  • Why diets don’t work.
  • How fruits and vegetables can protect you from disease.



    Diet-Detox Program 


Lose weight, detox, and feel great!

View 3 interesting hours of video with Geoff and Po D’Arcy.  They will lead you through the three Diet-Detox sessions. Don’t just lose weight, re-program yourself to enjoy healthier organic, and green food choices and keep the weight-off long after the Diet-Detox is over. Learn new recipes and healthy foods that taste great! Download the Diet-Detox book. By choosing healthy foods to lose weight and detoxify, this program offers you the opportunity for increased energy, strengthens your immune system and helps you drop those unwanted extra pounds. We provide recipes, shopping lists and decades of nutritional expertise to make this an effortless and fun experience. The Diet Detox Program Video was filmed in studio in 2009.  It captures the whole experience of detoxifying and reprogramming yourself and your family to healthier foods that happen in this remarkable life-changing experience. Geoff and Po D’Arcy will share their 20 years of experience leading this program and inspire you to nourish yourself in new ways.

While exercise and watching portion sizes are important, learning to eat the right foods is critical. Learning to eat plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods, low-fat, low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods are your best choices. These include fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans and peas), and whole grains. These foods help balance your blood sugar levels and promote fat-burning.

Why we need to Detoxify ourselves

The Liver is your body’s filter. Clean that filter regularly! By taking herbal supplements to support and raise the Liver’s function, to filter out toxins and also increase better fat metabolism. Toxins are poisonous substance(s) that are toxic or harmful when introduced into the tissues and are often trapped in the liver.The liver is the body’s filter, and main defense against the toxins of daily life.

  • The liver metabolizes internal wastes such as harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • Breaks down our hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, preventing build ups, that could lead to PMS or mood swings, and other hormonal imbalances.
  • Toxins processed by the liver and are excreted by the lungs, kidneys and through bile into the gall bladder and out through the intestines.
  • Utilize an effective combination of herbal supplements and a cleansing diet. This will better protect you from internal and external toxins, and help you maintain a healthy body weight. Environmental toxins and toxins produced inside our bodies can be stored in fat tissue, and often lead to fatigue and poor health. When we lose weight we break down fat cells and release stored toxins into circulation.

Detoxification means to remove a poison or toxin or the effect of such from the body or to render a harmful substance harmless. Weight loss is an additional benefit of detoxing, yet it has its hidden dangers if your filter, the liver, is sluggish. It is estimated that one in every four Americans suffers from some level of heavy metal poisoning.American agriculture uses nearly 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of pesticides per person on the food supply each year. Many of these toxins come from our diet, drug use, and environmental exposure, both acute and chronic. It is important to detoxify and rest your organs and digestive system. Poor digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all add to increased toxicity.

What is a Toxin? A toxin is a substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body, undermining our health and stressing our biochemical or organ functions?

  • Modern toxins that place much of an extra burden on our liver. In 1989, enough toxins were released into the air and earth to fill a line of semi-trailers parked bumper-to-bumper with a cargo capacity of 45,000 pounds each, stretching from downtown Los Angeles to Des Moines, Iowa! That is 1,680 miles!
  • We’re continuously exposed to a spectrum of more than 100,000 potentially harmful chemicals in our daily lives. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can bring on disease.
  • According to a 1997 study by the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, many of these chemicals may accumulate in our bodies. Toxins tucked away in our fatty tissues can damage our reproductive, neurological and immune systems.

Good News! If our liver is healthy, it serves as an astounding filter. The Liver Detoxification pathways inside the liver cells, are sophisticated mechanisms that have evolved over millions of years to break down toxins. Drugs, artificial chemicals, pesticides and hormones, are broken down (metabolized) by enzyme pathways inside healthy liver cells. In fatty parts of the body, toxins may be stored for years, being released during times of exercise, stress or weight loss. The liver is remarkably designed to convert fat-soluble chemicals into water-soluble chemicals so that they may then be easily excreted from the body via watery fluids such as bile and urine.


Many individuals who struggle with excess weight also struggle with runaway blood sugar levels. Obesity can trigger insulin insensitivity and vice versa. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the beta cells of the pancreas. Insulin accelerates the rate at which the cells in the body absorb the sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. When cells become insensitive to insulin, glucose has a harder time getting into the cells. Because of this, the body’s mechanisms for burning fat stores are damaged.

Although the National Cancer Institute recommends 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day, most Americans only get about 10 to 15 grams daily. This fiber deficiency clearly contributes to the high rate of obesity and other ills in our society. Fiber is a powerful asset to anyone trying to shed extra pounds. Dietary fiber helps balance blood sugar and promotes the effectiveness of insulin. In addition, the body uses high-fiber foods for energy instead of storing them as fat. Fiber also slows down digestion and delays emptying of the stomach, so the feeling of fullness lasts longer. Some studies indicate that by reducing insulin levels and appetite, soluble fibers reduce calorie intake and fat storage.

Simple Steps to using this Diet-Detox Program

Diet Detox Evaluation: Here’s the quick test. Do you need to cleanse and purify your body?

  1. Do you often feel tired?
  2. Do you ever feel dizzy, trouble concentrating or foggy thinking?
  3. Do you eat fast, fatty, fried, oily, processed foods?
  4. Do use stimulants, coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to boost yourself each day?
  5. Do you move your bowels less than twice a day?
  6. Do you have intestinal gas, bloating or constipation?
  7. Do you experience headaches?
  8. Do you live with or near polluted air or water?
  9. Do you eat fish more than twice a week?
  10. Do you have food allergies or skin problems?
  11. Do you have sinus problems or often have lower back pain or weakness?
  12. Are you exposed to chemicals or use pharmaceuticals, ?
  13. Do you feel sluggish or overweight?

If you answered yes, to three or more of the above please consider doing a cleansing Diet-Detox program with herbs in the near future!

 2. View the Diet-Detox Videos: View either the short introduction or the three 1hour videos of each Diet-Detox Seminar. The videos provide insightful information to educate and motivate you to better understand how to make changes that will last a lifetime. 

3. Download the Diet-Detox Workbook: Read through the workbook that covers the 2 week plan, try-out all the recipes, understand why to consider the dietary supplements. Understand more about food in this easy to read and follow workbook.

 4. Download the Stress Relief Audios: You can transfer the audio files to where you can use them easily, your MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, iPad, work computer, where ever you can relax, and listen to them in peace. Stress is so fused to unhealthy eating, during the Diet-Detox Program  take the time to look after yourself and nourish yourself on over levels like doing daily stress relief. Treat yourself well so you are not responding to deprivation to nourishment of your mind and body.

 Body Scan Relaxation Technique: This is the heart of the Natural Stress Relief Program, methodically scanning the mind through the body, connecting and relaxing as you go. Remember, just 20 minutes a day for 5 weeks will get you the positive results. It takes 5 weeks daily to be able to produce a relaxation-response at will and turn-off the switch that produces the fight-or-flight response. The goal is eventually not to need this audio, but to do a memorized version as your own narrative to your relaxation response. 

Relaxing into Sleep: Use this audio to go off into the unconscious, and feel free to use this technique to get a nourishing sleep. You can use this in addition to the 20-minute Body Scan Relaxation daily. Remember, you can’t get too relaxed. 

Music for Stress Relief: A nice option to use as you need to relax in a non-specific way with soothing, background music.

5. Associated Articles: Articles related to stress are available to provide educational and background information. Exercise. A sensible exercise approach is highly recommended and will help you achieve the desired weight loss results. Please consult your Health Care Practitioner first, to know what is appropriate for you… Click here… “The New Exercise Paradigm” to understand how to better exercise for weight control. 

6. Supplement Plan Articles: Articles are available with information about how dietary supplements and vitamins can protect us further from the negative and damaging effects of stress.

1. BROCCOLI SPROUTS. (Stimulates the liver to break down toxins that might be released on Diet-Detox Program.)  : Dosage: 1 capsule, two times daily. Sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS ) is found at its highest concentration in 7 to 10 day old broccoli sprouts. These compounds increase the body’s own detoxifying defense system against carcinogens and toxins. Toxins can be unprocessed and and held in isolation, trapped within fat cells. When we lose fat these toxins often come back into circulation and need the extra support Broccoli Sprouts (SGS) can give us.The liver contains a family of detoxification enzymes (Phase 2 enzymes) that neutralize toxins. This detoxification system turns carcinogens and other toxic substances into harmless molecules that are excreted from the body. Read more on Broccoli Sprouts.

2. GREEN POWER DRINK: Dosage: 1 scoop, once per day, is the equivalent to 2.5 portions of fruits and veggies. If using capsules, 4-8 per day.Okinawa reports 80% less heart disease and 80% less estrogen receptive cancers (breast, ovarian, prostate) than the U.S.! Their Okinawan diet is very heavy in vegetables and fruits; in fact, an astounding 36% of their diet is vegetables. Researchers have found that the Okinawans have the highest amounts of protective antioxidants flowing through their blood on earth. Most of these antioxidants are believed to be from their vegetable rich diet. Researchers are now focusing on these antioxidant levels being responsible for the Okinawan’s emarkable disease-free health and longevity. Greens are proven to be extremely detoxifying. Really increasing greens during the detox gives us an experience of flooding the body with healing anti-oxidants and phyto nutrients.

3. GREEN TEA TRIM: Dosage: 2 capsules, three times daily.Formula: Green tea has such broad health benefits: anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-mutagenic, cancer prevention, cancer treatment adjunct, heart disease prevention, stroke prevention, metabolic booster and weight loss support, glucose balancer, homeostasis, neuro-protection, protection of membrane fluidity, anti-bacterial function and skin protection. Yet it takes 12 cups a day to get to the dosage needed. In addition, thermogenesis for weight loss is another benefit to green tea. Clinical studies have shown that green tea raises metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation without raising heart rates.

4. EASY-MOVE: For constipation and to keep things gently moving. Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules, twice daily.A gentle natural laxative, yet stronger than Triphala. If you know you have a problem with constipation use this formula. It is so important to your health to move your bowels daily; even more so on the Diet-Detox, so as not to prevent toxins released by the program from being excreted. Dosage: Acute Episode: Break open 2 capsules, mix with water, and drink last thing at night, first thing in the morning. Maintenance: 1 capsule, twice daily.

 7. Associated Integrated Medicine Videos: Consider supportive therapies like Acupuncture, Psychotherapy and Nutrition as they can help you further. We strongly suggest you consider these gentle interventions that can have a profound and supporting impact on managing stress and enhancing the Natural Stress Program. If you decide after watching one of the Associated Integrated Medicine Videos that you would like to pursue one of these options, ask around and see if you can get a personal referral from someone you trust. You can also follow the links below to make an appointment with a practitioner near you. Get the support you need to make these efforts life-changing and enduring.


Please see the 3-minute video “What is Acupuncture?”  A growing body of research supports the use of acupuncture and Asian medicine in weight loss:   A 2003 study published in The Journal of Medical Acupuncture found that participants receiving acupuncture lost more than three times more weight than the control group.  In a study conducted by the University of Adelaide in Australia in 1998, 95 percent of the participants receiving electro-stimulation on acupuncture points reported appetite suppression. The results showed that the acupuncture group was more likely to experience a reduced appetite and to lose more weight than the control group. The Acupuncture Weight Loss Treatment from a TCM perspective, the acupuncture points, foods and herbs that are chosen to assist with weight loss directly influence the spleen and liver systems to treat the root imbalances that are causing the weight gain. From a Western perspective, acupuncture and TCM have been shown to have an effect on the function of the nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, food cravings, and metabolism. All of which can help to energize the body, maximize the absorption of nutrients, regulate elimination, control overeating, suppress the appetite, and reduce anxiety.