Hi.  My name is John and I have HEP C.   It wasn’t my fault.  I was one of many who contracted hepatitis through a tainted blood supply, back in the 80’s. I was diagnosed in 1999.  I’m 54 years old.

I’m luckier than most in that I haven’t had any real symptoms yet.  But it’s probably because I’ve been real diligent about my lifestyle.  I completely quit drinking; I eat healthier, and exercise. I’ve been getting regular lab tests and I’ve started a herbal program – D’Arcy’s Hep-Health.

I’m also lucky in that my wife has been really supportive, however, I’ve been scared to share the facts about my condition with others, even the rest of my family because I’m afraid that they would discriminate against or shun me.

Like many, I’ve used the Internet to find information about treatments that are available and that’s how I found the D’Arcy Hep-Health program five years ago.   Through what I learned, I became reluctant to get onto Interferon because of the side effects and I knew, if left untreated, I risked cirrhosis and worse, even a liver transplant.

The D’Arcy Hep-Health program has really worked for me.  Since starting the program, my test results slowly showed that my viral load is down, to only 22k, it was over a million before I started.   My Liver enzymes are completely normal as compared to being well over 100 when I began.  These improvements slowly started in just a few months.

I really feel, now, that I can beat this disease that even an undetectable viral load might be possible, and I plan on staying on the Hep-Health Program until I do.  I’ve noticed that my wife is no longer anxious too.

I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been with this all-natural program and I encourage you to try it.  I’ve even switched over to herbal treatments for other problems and I think that not using over-the–counter or prescription drugs, reduces the strain on my liver as well.


Since I have had success with hepo protect lowering my liver functions I know two people with Hep C who would be interested in receiving information on your herbs. Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2004. Thanks,  DB

Dear Dr. D’Arcy, I’m so grateful to you and D’Arcy Naturals for your healthy liver Hepo-Protect program.  After 4 months my ast/alt high 180s has dropped to 50-60s.  I feel better every day compared to what I did with HBV 5 years positive. J. from MD


I would like to thank you for helping me attain my goal, to achieve better health without the use of drugs!
First, a little background. I have always thought I was hypo-thyroid because I’ve been overweight and up and down all my life. I have been a client of Dr.LT for five years, however, I hadn’t taken advantage of all the knowledge she has and that I have learned until recently when I became her employee. Then I started losing weight and using more supplements to counteract my Fibromyalgia.  
I was  diagnosed as hyperthyroid and sent me home with a Rx for PTU and a bill. So Dr. T set out to research something that would help me. There was a suggestion, Hyperthyrin from D’Arcy. So. I decided to try it. I started out with 2 caps 3 times a day.   I’ve taken approx. 1 1/2 bottles now along with other support. My TSH reading went from 0.004 to 1.385 since May 14! The other supplements I take include evening primrose oil, enzymes and algae, blood sugar support, lecithin and yeast flakes, electrolytes(water), Q10, and liver support and detox.week. I have a good meal plan, try not to eat too many carbs except for veggies.
If anybody can use this testimony to help them help themselves by using heath instead of drugs, I will be glad to tell them my story.
Thank you once again, Linda O