Regarding viral load . . . I have endured three interferon regimens with no improvement . . . the viral load was never real high but always persisted.  This has been going on for over 30 years since being injected with contaminated gamaglobulin prior to an overseas assignment.
Discovery was accidental during a blood donation.
Several liver biopsy tests showed little tissue change and I have never experienced symptoms. I was being treated by Dr. Eugene Schiff at Miami at that time.
The most recent tests showe almost total remission. While this may be a fluke it is certainly encouraging. 
My specialist was very curious although I did not tell him about your Hep regimen.
M.D.’s doubt the efficacy of herbal treatment. I will eventually tell him to determine if an attitudinal change is possible.
Thank you so very much for your research and effort in creating a hep regimen that has some effect.
Sincerely, Neil H.

“I have used this protocol with great success. It lowered my liver enzymes to normal, showing me that I am protecting my liver from inflammation and scarring. I continue to take it daily, for ongoing protection.”   A.S., Winchester, MA

The most successful herbal formulas I found to be were by Master Herbalist Geoff D’Arcy who worked with me to make sure the proper herbal formula was applied. Medical Doctor 2011

Tim Barkley

“I worked with Geoff in a large multi-modality health clinic, Skardis Medical Associates in Brookline, MA many years ago. I loved working with Geoff. I was a project coordinator/medical assistant while he was an acupuncturist . He has always been very attentive, sociable and willing to extend himself for the good of the other. As long as I have known him he has also been very faithful to his meditation practice. He was also a personal friend.”  LinkedIn endorsement

Lisa Whistler